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Fallston Country PreK is a state licensed preschool located on Grandview Christian Church’s Campus in Fallston, Maryland. This program is managed by an independent board of directors with an experienced and talented staff who have collaborated for many years offering an exceptional program for pre-kindergarten children.

Our class size are approximately 16-18 children in our PreK 4’s classes, 10-14 children in the PreK 3’s classes, and 12 children in each of our Parent Tot classes. There is a teacher and assistant in each class.  The experienced and creative staff has worked together for many years to create an exemplary program. They are caring and nurturing individuals who love what they do. 


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Max Class Size

Parent Tot

With this program, we provide a first school experience and to introduce the child to the routine and structure of a typical preschool day.

Max Class Size

Three Year Old

The goal of this program is to provide a creative, safe environment where children can enjoy purposeful play and age appropriate learning.

Max Class Size

Four Year Old

Our program creates a purposeful learning environment focusing on students’ academic, social and emotional skills.

“Moving on Mondays”

“Moving on Mondays” Enrichment Program provides enrichment through literature (pre reading skills), science, art and social studies. 

“I can’t say enough great things about this school. My son used to complain and cry frequently about going to his former daycare, sometimes when I picked him up, he would tell me he cried all day for me. Since he started Fallston Country PreK, he has not shed one tear and has never said that he doesn’t want to go. His teachers are wonderful at what they do! They are so organized and I always know what my son is learning and doing while he is at school. He loves the structure and routine of it, he knows what to expect and he feels safe and secure.”

Brittany B.

Look no Further!!!!! Absolute Best experience for both of my daughters, Eve and Maci and for me too! The opportunity to ease into a school setting with gradual steps that this program offers is fabulous. I always learn so much from the other moms during our group discussion while our children are having the time of their lives playing with new friends down the hall and learning from the most loving, invested and experienced teachers. My children’s childhood would not be the same without Fallston Country Prek! Such a blessing to have these hands be a part of my babies early years.

Heather K.

We love this school! My daughter gets so excited when I tell her she has school the next day & she absolutely loves her teachers!

Kristi G.
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We are now registering for the 2022-2023 school year.

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